White Folks, Please Come Rescue Detroit!

The editor of Detroit's largest black newspaper has given up on black folks running Detroit. He calls on educated white folks to rush in and rescue it. I wouldn't have stated it in those terms, but he did. He's surely more fed up than I could ever imagine. He's an older man, and I assume a life-long Detroit resident. His despair and disappointment is surely unmeasurable. I disagree that this problem is black and the solution is white. But I suppose it approximately is.

In any case, a pretty devastating essay.

Cop Brutalizes Bicyclist; Where's Outrage?

Here a white cop brutalizes a white guy riding a bike. But because both are white, no mass outcry, because this incident doesn't exemplify the only form of police brutality that the media and "community activists" care about: white-on-black police brutality.