NYC Murder: Low Numbers, Mostly Black

Murder in NYC will fall below 500 this year, a remarkably low number for such a huge city (8 million). As with the rest of the country, most of the killers are black men (61%), though black men compose only a minority of the residents (NYC is about 25%, and thus about 12.5% black male).

Naturally the race stats fall at the end of the article, because they contradict claims of a racist USA where black folks face a dastardly white enemy. Only about 7% of the killers (and murder victims) in NYC come from the horribly racist and vile honkey population, cops attribute only a tiny 35 murders to strangers, and blacks compose 66% of the murder victims.

These stats prove that:

- NYC is a very, very safe city for everyone;
- In NYC, you have nearly no murder risk from strangers;
- Black men are about 5 times more likely to commit murder than white folks
- Black men are committing very, very few murders. NYC contains about 2 million black folks, and these people committed only about 300 murders. Compare that to Detroit, with about 750,000 black folks committing about 1,000 annual murders.

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