ACT "Racial Bias" Fails to Stop Chinese Immigrant

Last year 22 students scored perfect on the ACT, including this Chinese immigrant in Michigan. I wonder about the racial composition of these 22. The US is about 70% honkey, and die-hard lefties claim that standardized tests like the ACT are "racially biased" in favor of honkies. Thus their assertion predicts that more than 15 of these 22 students should be honkies.

I, in contrast, make an alternative assertion: these tests are biased in favor of students who devote time to serious academic matters, including reading, writing, and confronting math problems. I further assert that non-white immigrant kids from Asia on average spend more time than the average white kid in the US. Thus I predict that a racial breakdown will identify fewer than 15 white kids, and a number of Asian kids much higher than their fraction of the test-taking population.

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