"Racist" Republicans Like Obama

This poll of Republicans, whom many US-haters claim are "racist" against blacks, finds that Repos like Obama almost as much as they like McCain.


Nadir said...

From BluesTalkin.com May 2007: The Black JFK: Republican Support for Obama Raises Red Flags

"Republicans who are defecting to the Obama camp believe that Barack offers a message that can unite the nation. That unification could be achieved by converting the so-called "War on Terror" from a GOP-led issue to a bipartisan issue. This means more American aggression and more war.

"Perhaps most terrifying of all, is this final quote from the Timesonline article: 'For his optimism about the future, Obama has been dubbed the black Ronald Reagan'.

"Be afraid. Be VERY afraid."

Paul Hue said...

So no matter what white folks do, they are bad!