Another Black-on-White "Hate Crime"

Nowadays, most racial "hate crimes" committed in the US comprise black retards attacking white victims, as in this new case where some black teens in Baltimore gang-beat a white woman. Expect it to get no attention in the corporate media. Even in this local news article, racial assignments don't get made until the very end of the article.

Of course, when white retards beat a black victim, the media sets up shop, headlines announce the racial assignments of the players, and massive angry protests erupt, proclaiming this to be a racist nation. In reality, few people f any "race" ever experience this today in the US, though when it does happen, it's usually some black idiots attacking a white person.

And now yet a second case of retarded black teens attacking white folks on Baltimore's bus. Notice the tiny size of this local report, and the absence of any consideration from the national press, or those who earn their livings crying racism. Imagine the press attention if white retards were attacking black folks on the bus.

Here's an update on the second attack. We learn now that the driver refused to help at all, not even calling police, telling the pleading victims that he couldn't because it would result in him "getting in trouble."

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buffalobirdie said...

I am a 35 year old white female living in Tampa and a victim of an apparent hate crime. On Friday 1/16/09 around midnight My husband and I were in Ybor City together. While walking back to our car we passed a group of young men who were laughing and having a good time. All of a sudden one of them hauled off and punched me right in the face knocking me unconscious. My husband yelled at them while they kept walking. The perpetrator turned back to my husband and chanted "Obama, Obama, Obama." Then another witness who helped me inside, a homeless black man named Matthew, said he heard the guy say he was going to hit any "cracker" he saw that night. I don't remember anything except Michael helping me into a restaurant to sit down. Someone gave me ice to put on my mouth which was now swelling badly. My husband went to find a cop and the cop took a report but to my knowledge there was no serious attempt to locate the perp which is unbelievable to me. This was clearly a black-on-white hate crime but the cop didn't seem to think it that important. My husband took me to the emergency room where I had several tests. Nothing was broken, no apparent concussion, no stitches; just a badly swollen mouth, sore jaw and bruised elbow from hitting the ground.
Any man that can punch a complete stranger, a 5'4" girl, is an extreme danger to society. If he didn't get apprehended for my incident he most certainly will be soon and it could be for something much worse. Thanks for reading.