Hate Beating on NYC Subway

A group of 10 white retards on an NYC subway severely beat a white Jew for answering, "Happy Hanuka", when they shouted "Merry Christmas." A non-white Muslim immigrant helped the victim, and for his trouble also received a severe beating. One got a broken nose and the other two extremely blackened eyes. The ten savages got arrested at the next stop. Two have prior arrests for hate crimes against blacks. This article presents myspace photos of all the savages: they are young, attractive, and disposed to black thug culture; one with Jesus tatoo. Ironically, two of the savages claim to be Jews, including one whose home displays a Star of David and Hanuka decorations.

The Jew and the Muslim have becom friends, and the Muslim subsequently attended a Hanuka party at the Jew's house. Thank god that's a much more normal state of affairs for humans residing in contemporary US. I'm also happy to report from many late-night NYC subway rides and sidewalk strolls that NYC is amazingly safe, including for honkeys walking solo in black neighborhoods.

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Nadir said...

"Black thug culture"? WTF?

Paul Hue said...

Surely you recognize, Nadir, that there exists a "thug" sub-culture within black America, one that celebrates ignorance and violence. It includes various forms of dress and phrases, and a form of music known as "gangster rap", all of which that a considerable fraction of young white America has also adopted, including the savage antagonists in this story.

Paul Hue said...

Do you deny the existence of an Italian mobster culture? It is, afterall, beloved by members of the black thug culture.