Bravo Sir Salman Rushdie

Normally I abhor anything pertaining to royalty, including the British Royal Family and its granting of knighthood. However, the reaction by murderous islmaic retards to the queen's recent knighthood of Pakistani Salman Rushdie has placed me squarely on her side, provided that she not give into their anti-civilization demands.

"We demand that Britain should refrain from such acts which hurt the sentiments of Muslims and take back the title of Sir given to Rushdie," Pakistani parliamentary affairs minister and bigot Sher Afgan said.
"If somebody has to attack by strapping bombs to his body to protect the honour of the Prophet, then it is justified," Pakistani Religious Affairs Minister Ijaz-ul-Haq told the crazed national assembly, which unanimously passed a resolution proclaiming that the award would encourage "contempt" for the Prophet Mohammed.

As well it should! Mohammad was surely one of the most detestable humans to ever live, as these calls to execute his critics exactly mimic his own actions. Among Mohammad's many malevolent distinctions, he may be history's only figure who executed a standup comedian for any reason; in his case, a female poet-comedian who delighted Mecca's pre-literate, and pre-conquest audiences with jokes about Mohammad, for his pre-Islamic battlefield cowardice, for claiming to be the Jewish messiah, for marrying a much older woman when he was a teen, and for obtaining his wealth from that woman's business. The manner her decapitation delighted Moh: it occurred suddenly and from behind as she nursed her baby (not that he didn't also delight in torture, but that would have precluded the novel image of a suckling infant unaware that its heretical mother had just lost her head).

Even if you somehow (via ignorance?) decide to respect this malicious sexual pervert (who imagined heaven contain "beautiful young boy servants", who married a 9 year-old girl, who cuckolded his own son, ordered rape and sexual slavery for all surviving females of his numerous bloody conquests), all humans should enjoy the right to besmirch him. Homicidal nuts who demand respect for Mohammad or anybody else deserve to endure the very expression of ideas that they wish to silence with swords. In fact, their success in squashing such expressions is surely one reason for their mental retardation. Confronting them with blasphme surely represents one necessary component of curing their mental disease.

Protesters in the eastern cultural hub of Lahore used their shoes to pound burning British flags in a show of disrespect." Civilized Britons responded not by furiously demanding the deaths of these people, but instead by yawning. (Note to US retards who want to imprison citizens who set fire to their own US flags: isn't forced respect even worse when imposed by the state rather than ravenous mobs?)

"Five people died in the Pakistani capital Islamabad in 1989 in riots against Rushdie's book." Nice to know that the universe does occasionally smite the wicked; can hardly imagine a better candidate for death-by-stampede than a religious nut demanding the murder of a blasphemer.


Paul Hue said...


The murderous nuts are getting kookier by the minute. Some democratically elected muslim immigrant Brit encourages his countrymen to get enraged at Rushdie also because Rushdie "used abusive language towards Jesus Christ." Better advice to the muslim bigots: instead of encouraging tolerant, civilized Christians to follow your murderously intolerant example, you should follow theirs.

Paul Hue said...

Although I believe that Jesus was the anti-Mohammad (a man of peace who advanced civilization), I fully support the right of any human to "blaspheme" him. I have heard muslims criticize Jesus for not being strong enough to have killed and otherwise conquer his opponents. As far as I'm concerned, anybody should have the right to say anything about Jesus, including making "piss Jesus" art, without facing any legal or vigilante sanction. So my point here is not that critics of Mohammad should enjoy protection because their criticism is justified; my point is that all humans should have the right to say whatever they want about anybody, without any legal or vigilante repercussions, no matter who agrees or disagrees.