Scentists Refuting Global Warming Hysteria Unite!

Proponents of global warming-by-humans hysteria point to big lists of scientists who support this view as evidence that they are 100% correct. Now scientists opposed to this view are starting to unify formally as well. In this article we see such a list, and more advocacy that solar events serve as the prime movers in Earth temperature changes. Also: prediction of global cooling soon to come.

And here the Czech Republic president continues his global warming apostasy. He seems to me that rare political leader, like South Africa's Thabo Mbeki, who has a real mind, and really uses it. He writes of global warming:

• Is global warming a reality?

If it is a reality, is it man-made?

• If it is a reality, is it a problem? Will the people in the world, and now I have to say “globally”, better-off or worse-off due to small increases of global temperature?

• If it is a reality, and if it is a problem, can men prevent it or stop it? Can any reasonable cost-benefit analysis justify anything – within the range of current proposals – to be done just now?

Surprisingly, we can say yes – with some degree of probability – only to the first question. To the remaining three my answer is no. And I am not alone in saying that. We are, however, still more or less the silent or silenced majority.


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