Ignore Islamic Hysterics?

Christopher Hitchens concludes that media reports sensationalize and over-emphasize the murderously crazed Islamic tyrants who hyperventilate over demands that this or that expresser of some idea offensive to them get an execution that would make Mohammad proud. When some brave Dutch free-thinker publishes a cartoon of said cult leader, pull the cameras back and, Hitchey says, the rabid protesters burning US flags and hanging effigies are outnumbered by reporters; turn off the cameras and the retards dry their chins, pop their eyeballs back into their sockets, and join the background denizens going about their normal affairs. In such a context, paternalistic western liberals would stop appeasing these nutcases and could reserve all their energies for the religious nuts whom they won't appease: western christians who advocate laws to imprison Americans who burn their own USA flags, and deny tax funds and public spaces for art comprising statues of white Jesuses and Maries bathed in urine.

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Matty said...

I like that arrogant SOB but, yeah, he needs a reality check with Islamic fundamentalists.