Juneteenth Violence in Milwakee, Austin, Syracuse

I grew up attending Juneteenth celebrations in Austin at Rosewood Park, where violent outbursts were sadly an expected and anticipated occurrence during the late '70s and early '80s. This year, in Milwaukee three different fights broke out, and as crowds left the event at its conclusion, teens walking through traffic started attacking cars and the people inside, jumping on the cars, smashing out the windows, and assaulting passengers. Did the teen savages target whites? No mention yet of the "race" of these victims, as surely would have occurred had white teen savages rampaged black citizens. "It's the second year in a row that violence has broken out at the celebration."

The video shows some white cops using billy clubs to beat a woman trying to fight them, after cops had intervened to break up a fight between her and another woman. Obviously these cops could have subdued her without beating her with clubs. More here and here and here.

And back in Austin, a mob beat to death a Mexican immigrant returning home to his apartment after working all day at a paint job, when his car accidentally hit a child (who survived with minor injuries), and he got out to assist.

Meanwhile the Juneteenth celebration in Syracuse degraded into fights that included two stabbings and a shooting.

I think these behaviors support my view that 99% of the problems in these areas derive from the poor choices of the residents. If they only all did the best that they could, they would need no help from anybody to create safe and prosperous lives for themselves.


Paul Hue said...


Update: The UT-Austin newspaper (where my bro Tom and I used to work as writers) naturally filed a much better article than any of the professional sources yet. It seems that the driver may have left the scene where he hit the child, and got out when a crowd chased after him.

Paul Hue said...


"I don't think it was racial." Of course not... unless the attackers where white; then of course it would have been a hate crime.

Nadir said...

Paul, you insist on injecting race into everything. You definitely play that card more than accused race-baiters like Sharpton and Jackson.

These are tragic incidents. The killing in Austin is inexcusable, and horrible. The victim had a Latino last name, so there could have been racial overtones.

However, it may also have been a mob angered by a car striking a little girl.

Paul Hue said...

I don't think it was racial, and the article introduced the concept; I merely commented on it. I do think that if some red necks had committed this brutal act that the media and "civil rights leaders" would have declared it to have been racial. Thus I believe it is important to point out that this was not racial, so when some white brutes kill some innocent person who isn't white, we can recall similar incidents that were not racial and realize that white brutes were murderous savages, without need for claims that they are acting out of racial motivations.

uptownsteve said...


I have given Hue several examples of white on black violence that was not highlighted in the media such as the Pasadena, MD murders and the Garnett Johnson beheading.

I've also produced an example of a drunken white cop shooting up a black housing project which the national media also ignored.

But Hue continues on with this "pro-black racial double standard in the media" nonsense.

This is exactly why righties love blogs and talk radio.

So they can spew falsehoods and propoganda and then either censor or hang up on opponents who challenge them.

Paul Hue said...

Steve: You have provided examples that illustrate the very view statistical occurrences of white-on-black violent crime in modern USA times. Your examples do nothing to refute the hard data that 90% or so of all interracial crimes today are black-on-white, that black males account for several times their national population fraction of street crime, and that when black folks fall victim to crime, 90% of so of the time their assailants are black.

Whites in contrast today are disproportionately responsible for other sorts of crimes, such as mass murder, serial killing, rioting after sporting events, and living with way too many cats.