Louissiana High School Noose Case Update

Update to story about integrated high school in Louisiana where racist white guys displayed nooses where some black kids had broken an unofficial color line: The unrest sparked by the nooses led to some fistfights, wherein some black guys beat up a white guy. The black kids got charged by a white prosecutor, and charged big time, with attempted murder, as adults. I consider this a genuine act of white-on-black racism, and I support all efforts to exonerate these accused black guys. As far as I can tell, prior to this incident these black guys were not thugs terrorizing the school. Instead, they are just some teens who got rightfully upset about an act of racism. Considering all the high school fights that occur with no charges brought, these guys within the context of this situation should have received no criminal charges, or only the most minor ones. Meanwhile, any kids involved with placing nooses should surely get expelled, whereas in this case those kids only got a suspension.

[Update to the linked story posted above: The article fails to mention that the knocked-out white guy is a proud friend of the white guys who admitted to hanging the nooses, that prior to his beating one of the arrested black guys had been attacked twice by white boys objecting to him sitting under the honkey tree and attempting to attend a honkey party, and that the beatup white guy had moments before his beating taunted that twice-jumped black guy. For more see all postings marked "jena6". 2007-09]

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