Another 911 Defeat: Tourism

We libertarian supporters of Bush's war against Islamic imperialism always hated the Patriot and Homeland Security Acts. Aside from costing the US treasury zillions of dollars without benefit, while providing the Islamic tyrants the victory of having Americans inconvenience themselves mercilessly in the process of wasting all this money, we see now that these mindless overreactions are costing annual billions in lost international tourist dollars.


Misanthropes for Jesus said...

"Bush's war against Islamic imperialism"

Replace "Islamic" with "Marxist", and don't you have various administrations' justification for Vietnam?

Paul Hue said...

Yes, I agree. We see in the aftermath of the US losing in Vietnam that the hawks were correct that the communists there would create a hell on earth. However, the hawks were wrong about a domino effect, and wrong that US military action could prevent determined people there from creating a hell for themselves.

However, US military action in Korea did provide the framework by which South Koreans would eventually create an independent, sensible, and prosperous society. And US military action in Iraq's Kurdish third much more quickly enabled a civilization there, prior to Bush II's action.

This is why I thought there was some chance that Bush's military action had a chance to produce the same in Iraq and Afghanistan.