New Bio of Clarence Thomas

The Washington Post reporter-authors of a new CT bio are lefties, as is this NYT reviewer of the book. However, the book and even the review present enough facts for an objective reader to reach independent interpretations of these facts. Objective lefties of course will likely reach interpretations similar to those of these lefty journalists. For their part, these journalists perform no hatchet job on CT, and offer him some much deserved respect.

But they see a contradiction in factors that do not contradict each other. For example, it perplexes them that CT would advocate fiscally and legally conservative views, yet in his personal life exhibit a great deal of compassion and afford enormous assistance to others. Yet that is the essence of CT's brand of conservatism: assistance to others should be provided not by The State taking money from all citizens and building big programs, but rather by fellow citizens helping their fellows.


uptownsteve said...

Right, the state shouldn't help the least of us.

The state should be co-opted by oligarchical corporate interests.

You gotta luv righties.

Paul Hue said...

I don't want the state to help big corporations. CT and I believe that people should help themselves and each other, and that the state should step back and simply enforce contracts and perform limited functions such as building roads and maintaining a national defense.

Whatever "righties" out there who want to end big welfare for individuals but maintain farm subsidies are half wrong!