Imus Return... With Black Castmember?

My fears did not materialize that MSNBC would replace its morning Imus show with something I liked less; the replacement show has more news discussion and less comedy, which is what I wanted. Also, the replacement show has a black castmate, which is a plus. Now come reports that Imus will return (somewhere), and with a black castmate, which he should have had to begin with. So I am glad with the outcome.


uptownsteve said...

Now if that "black castmate" is an okey-doke Rent-A-Negro with no connection or affinity with the black community like John Edley, what difference will it make?

Do you really think a racist like Imus or a corporate network like MSNBC would have a bold, straight talking black co-host like, for instance George Curry OR Ken Walker?

Hell no. They would scare the bejeezus out of white America.

Only white talk show hosts are allowed to be pugnacious, irreverent and "politically incorrect".

If a black host on network TV has any spunk or pugnacity, it'll be directed at his fellow blacks.

And the righties have the nerve to ask why blacks have black oriented stations like BET and TV One.

Paul Hue said...

Hmm. I believe that only racism can explain the lack of black faces on the news shows, though this is quickly changing for the better. Even having a black conservative would be a step forward, I think. I agree also that among the many black faces now on the news shows, none of them are the leftist equivalents of Hannity, O'Reilly, etc.

As for Imus, he seemed pretty balanced in his extreme comments; you could hardly hate Bush any more than he did, criticizing everything about him that you do, except for cutting taxes. Imus also loudly and constantly declared the Katrina response to indicate racism.

uptownsteve said...

Imus admitted on his show that he was probably the only "registered Republican" in his section of Manhattan.

His views were clearly right of center.

The only black politician he ever had on his show outside milquetoast offwhite Harold Ford, was JC Watts.

He savaged Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton on a daily basis and that's why it was poetic justice that they were instrumental in bringing his racist a$$ down.

uptownsteve said...

"I agree also that among the many black faces now on the news shows, none of them are the leftist equivalents of Hannity, O'Reilly, etc."

What "many black faces" are you talking about?

Juan Williams on Fox TV and Ridley on MSNBC are the only regular black pundits on news gabfests.

Can you name any others?

Paul Hue said...

Correction from me: zero black pendants, except for the guy on the Imus-replacement show. All the black faces are news anchors, weathermen, or correspondents.