Berry Bonds' Fraud; Not a Black Thing

From the essay:

Anyone who honestly thinks that Aaron is the bad guy and Bonds is the tragic victim either has absolutely no sense of American history, or is a complete idiot... I know exactly where this is about to lead. It’s leading to a barrage of “sellout” and “Uncle Tom” nonsense from folks who are anxious to misuse America’s most lethal weapon of mass distraction: race...

Are we so cockeyed by race in this country that they’d prefer to embrace lying, cheating frauds simply because they fit neatly into our own racial demographic?

“Remember how it used to be growing up in the black community?” said Cornwell. “Growing up, you didn’t have to just worry about your parents catching you if you were doing something wrong. It was all their friends and all the neighbors. If they caught you, sometimes it was handled right there and then. We don’t have that anymore and we need to get back to that. You don’t excuse bad behavior. You don’t look the other way at bad behavior just because they’re part of your community. You confront it and make them understand that will not be allowed in our community.

“Well we need to get back to that way of thinking again,” said Cornwell. “This goes from ‘Pacman’ Jones all the way to Barry Bonds. We can no longer excuse their bad behavior because they’re black. We can’t defend them by saying, ‘Well the white guy did it, too. What about him?’ That’s not how we were raised. That’s not how our parents and their generation handled their responsibilities of raising all the young men and women in the community.”

... ignoring the simple truth that he is guilty of cheating. This is not a court of law. This is the court of common sense. He admitted to a grand jury that he “unknowingly” used designer steroids. He had achieved a ridiculous muscle mass increase at too late an age. His career home run explosion magically coincided with his association with BALCO. But Bonds tells us he did nothing wrong, so who are we’re supposed to believe, him or our lyin’ eyes?


uptownsteve said...

Is this anything like the white righties who want a full pardon for Scooter Libby?

Is that a white thang Hue?

Paul Hue said...

The people who want a pardon for Libbby don't base they're support on their racial categorization of him; they don't accuse opponents of a pardon of racism. They stick to the facts at hand; unlike your defense of Bonds, they do not introduce race into their defense of Libby.

uptownsteve said...

First off, I didn't defend Bonds.

And secondly, if you don't think that race has nothing to do with Libby's support, you're even nuttier than I already thought.

Look how fast you righties abandon black conservatives like Claude Allen and Armstrong Williams when they get in trouble.

Paul Hue said...

The Bushies are standing behind Gonzeles, and they abandoned Trent Lott. I think that righties could have done more for Armstrong, but I can't think of any honkey righties who got in a similar position.

The righties stood very strong for Clarence Thomas when he got accused of many things, including illegalities (sexual harassment, perjury), much more than they did for the cracker Robert Bork, who got accused of less (merely having conservative constitutional opinions).

Thus I don't see a trend of white conservatives-in-trouble getting more help from their ideological brethren than black righties-in-trouble.

uptownsteve said...

Gonzalez didn't do anything that he wasn't instructed to do by the White House.

The righties supported Bork all the way and are still furious that his SCOTUS nomination was rejected due to outrage over his far-right, racist opinions.

The Bush Administration dumped Lott because they didn't feel he was an effective leader and replaced him with another rightwing Southern white man, Bill Frist.

North, Abrams, DeLay and others remain fully supported and funded by the white right despite their crimes.

Not so for black righties.

They are only useful as long as they are necessary.

Paul Hue said...

The righties supported Thomas longer than they supported Bork, and Armstrong no more than Gonzales supported Bush; and they abandoned Harriet Meyers, who had righties attacking her, and Rumsfield as well. You lefties have been demanding that Bush dump Gonzeles, and if he does, y'all'll then say that was only because he ain't white, proving your Racist Unified Field Theory of Everything.

Paul Hue said...

Steve: I do not define black folks by that group's negative individuals. Rather, I blame those negative individuals for areas in which that group's overall average lags those of other groups. This is exactly the view I take where in some of these same areas the average of white folks falls below that of some other "racial" groups.

uptownsteve said...

"The righties supported Thomas longer than they supported Bork,"


"and Armstrong no more than Gonzales supported Bush;"

Absolute bullcrap.

"and they abandoned Harriet Meyers, who had righties attacking her,"

They abandoned Harriet Miers only after it became apparant that she wouldn't be confirmed. She was an unqualified candidate who should never had been nominated. Bush cronyism at it's finest.

"and Rumsfield as well."

You really are nuts. Bush stuck with Rumsfeld long after his effectiveness and credibility were severly damaged.. Why do you think Powell quit?

"You lefties have been demanding that Bush dump Gonzeles, and if he does, y'all'll then say that was only because he ain't white, proving your Racist Unified Field Theory of Everything."

More of your word manipulation. No one that I know of (and perhaps you can name one) who is going specifically after Gonzalez but indeed see the US District Attorney scandal as being orchestrated by the White House.

You are the one who tries to tie behavior and accomplishment to race.

When you are corneered on the absurdity of of it, you then try to finesse.

Paul Hue said...

The righties themselves attacked Mejers; Bush stuck with her for a while, but it was the righties who attacked her.

The righties stuck by Clarence Thomas even more than they stuck by Bork; both nominations went to the vote, and Bork lost, with Repo senators voting against him.

Righties against Rumsfield led to his departure.

I do not understand your characterization of righties standing more solidly for white comrades in trouble than black.

If you doubt that lefties are calling for Gonzalez to resign or to be fired, just perform a simple google search: "Gonzalez resign" and "Gonzalez fire". You will even find righties calling for this... just as they did with Rumsfield.

uptownsteve said...

If the lefties and righties are calling for Gonzalez then you have no argument.

"I do not understand your characterization of righties standing more solidly for white comrades in trouble than black."

That's because, just like on-going anti-black discrimination, you DON'T WANT" to see it.

The righties rally around Limbaugh after his drug bust, North subverting the Constitution, Abrams lying under oath, Libby Delay.

But let Armstrong Williams, Claude Allen and Glenn Loury get in trouble with the law.

They get dropped like bad habits.

Maybe one day these black righties will wake up.