America Is A Cross-Dressing Nation

Q: What’s that you say? America is not a cross-dressing nation? But wait, you cannot deny that there are cross-dressers in America.

A: That’s true, of course. However, just because a certain portion of the population prefers to clothe themselves in the same manner as a member of the opposite sex does not mean the entire U.S. population can be classified as cross-dressers.

Q: I see. That makes sense. Well then, I guess the same could be said about the claim that America is a “racist” nation.

A: That is also correct. Just because a percentage of our society – which, by the way would include members of every racial and ethnic group - are racists, that does not, despite the claim by some, qualify America as a racist nation. Of course there are racists in America, there always will be, of every color and ethnicity, but that does not even remotely mean that America qualifies as a racist nation. As a matter of fact, America is probably the least racist nation on the planet.

You’re right. Wow, thanks for clearing that up. I feel much better now.

No problem.


Paul Hue said...

I can see no reason to doubt the assertion that the USA in 2007 is the least racist nation on earth, and that a person's racial classification means very little in most situations. One situation where it certainly matters: using the "n" word in public.

Nadir said...

"I can see no reason to doubt the assertion that the USA in 2007 is the least racist nation on earth,"

How's this for an unreasoned comment. Obviously Paul is drunk.

What empirical data do you have to support this? If the US were the LEAST racist nation on earth, Al Sharpton would be forced to move to the UK. You're delusional.

Paul Hue said...

Nadir: Please list me some nations that you consider to be less racist than the US, and why, and while you're at it, let's both articulate what we mean by the word racist. Here's my working definition:

Racism: Belief the people divide into "races" based on genetic attributes, and the further belief that those attributes confer special limitations or capabilities, and/or that customs or laws should grant special favors or restrictions based on racial categorization.