Prosecutor drops charges in Duke case

Well, I guess that's that. Let the lawsuits begin! And justifiably so. I hope that piece of human excrement Nifong gets sued by those Duke kids and their families for every penny he's worth and then some. He deserves jail-time, not just disbarment.


Paul Hue said...

The language used by the state aty certainly seems likely to figure into a harsh judgment against Nifong by the BAR review. The accused seem like they have sound civil complaints for monetary damages against Nifong the person, the city of Durham, Duke University, the Duke professors who signed the published letter against them, and Crystal Magnum.

Paul Hue said...

All of the people I mentioned above either broke a law that resulted in damages to the accused, or (it seems to me) violated contracts involving the accused also resulting in damages.

Paul Hue said...

The State AG says he's not going to prosecute the hoaxer because she's mentally disturbed and seems to believe here false stories. However, law enforcement didn't take this view towards her previous crimes, and would surely not have accepted this excuse for the accused players.