Wolfowitz: Hitchens Defends...

... Buchanan lambastes. Not sure who is correct; both make good cases.

I found Hitchey's essay very illuminating. Have seen nowhere else discussed the implications of the supposedly racist neocon leader developing a serious love relationship with a muslim Arab woman, or intellectual and professional credibility of this woman. Hitchey describes her as a passionate and courageous advocate of personal liberties, including freedom of (and from!) religion and gender equality, as well as self-rule, within Arabia.

Buchanan takes the popular view against Wolfie, but adds a very sensible case against even having a World Bank. What does it do besides enable horrible dictators?

Here Hitchey takes down former CIA chief Tenent, who now has a "I tried to tell them..." book explaining how he warned Bush about lack of WMD and the probability of violent anarchy following a Hussein take-down.


Paul Hue said...

This essay against Wolfy and his lady concedes that they "shared a passionate cause: transforming the Arab world, ousting Saddam, and promoting democracy and rights for women." Agree; this is what they sought with the Iraq invasion, not a US corporate petro grab.


Paul Hue said...

This WSJ op-ed claims that the charges against Wolfy are concocted by George Soros, in order to get one of his own lefty comrades installed.