Beware Speech Police; Who's Next?

"We want justice. We want peace. Imus must no longer speak," protesters chanted.

Now it all makes complete sense. Those chanters always provide unassailable logic. I can only pray that:

1) The people defending Imus learn to tolerate those who say things that "offend" them. Many of the people on TV now defending Imus were leading the charge to fire TV host Bill Mahr for calling the 911 murderers "courageous" and state university prof. Ward Churchill for attributing 911 to a Bush conspiracy. I hope that the people who succeeded in getting Mahr fired, and who have worked so hard to get Churchill fired, realize that the logic and mechanisms employed in those efforts are working now against Imus.

2) Some of the people demanding the firing of Imus themselves get fired for "offending" some group of people. I particularly cite Al Sharpton getting fired from his radio show, for having never apologized for falsely accusing the officials in that ancient Tawana Brawley false rape hoax, and for supporting the false accuser Crystal Magnum in the Duke rape hoax. Surely some people should choose to be "offended" by this. However, it is possible that Sharpton's show lacks any substantial sponsors or enough listeners for this to work. Too bad. Perhaps instead all the cable journalists who so frequently include him as a guest should take a stand for free speech and ban him from their airwaves.

Very sad that people on the right and left agree to keep chopping the heads of those who "offend" them, and the masses in the middle don't mind.


uptownseteve said...


The Duke boys have been exonerated.

What are you complaining about?

What I don't understand is how the persecution Naval Cadet Lamar Owens is flying under the media radar.

The young man was acquitted of rape by a General Court Martial (a white female cadet had consented to sex with Owens and then screamed rape when the white boys found out she slept with Owens)yet the Naval Academy will not only prevent him graduating and receiving his commission, they want him to pay back the cost of his 4 years of study at the Academy.

Where's the national outrage?

Where's YOUR outrage Paul?

Paul Hue said...

I have investigated the Owens case, inspired by your comments here, and posted on it. I support Owens, but I conclude that he didn't get railroaded like the Dukesborro Boys did.