Chicago Cop Beating of Innocent Citizen

An off-duty Chicago cop savagely beat a chick bartender who refused to serve him any more booze because he seemed too drunk, seemed unable to pay his tab, and was fighting with other patrons. The cop preceded to beat her savagely, in an action that the bar's security cameras caught. Uniformed officers arrived, but -- learning that he was a cop -- declined to arrest him. Enough publicity followed that they did later arrest him, but only charged him with a minor offense, and afforded him special treatment in avoiding a media "perp walk."

Why do you suppose that you have never heard of this situation? Where's the Revs. Al & Jesse?

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Nadir said...

I'm not sure why YOU haven't heard about this case, but it's been on all the mainstream news channels (national and local) for at least a week. She didn't need Jesse or Al.

From what I understand, the minor charge was dropped and a felony charge will be levied. Also a recommendation for dismissal from the force is likely.

This is much different than the treatment that several cops in NYC got for shooting Sean Bell and his bachelor party. Looks like Al and Jesse were where they were needed after all.

Paul Hue said...

Although you already saw this story, I have not in my daily religious scouring of nyt.com, msnbc.com, detnews.com, usatoday.com, time.com, and newsweek.com and all the cable news broadcasts... the same news media that instantly broadcast blanket coverage of the Brooklyn shooting on a daily basis for a week or two. Shall we really believe that had the victim here been black that Jesse and Al would have considered the publicity and official responses enough to exclude the necessity of them grabbing the media reigns and declaring the absolute certainty that the cop's actions constituted "racism"?

The facts of this case demonstrate conclusively that white cops do indeed brutalize innocent WHITE civilians, and thus when a white cop brutalizes a black person we cannot automatically know with 100% certainty that racism explains the action.

In the case of the recent Brooklyn incident:

1. The media attention was absolutely complete, began immediately, and continued relentlessly.

2. Of the five firing cops, two were black and two were hispanic (whatever it is that "hispanic" meanes).

3. The victims prior to the shooting were engaged in an altercation first with another party, and then with the plainclothes, on-duty undercover cops.

Thus this case is much less clearly "racism" than would the Chicago case be if the victim was black, and even presents the possibility that the supposedly racist news media actually cares more about black men getting brutalized by cops than it does honkey women.