Sometimes It Snows in April

Sometimes it snows in April. That's what Prince said anyway.

And that's what happened this Easter weekend. After most of the US experienced a warmer than normal December, a colder than normal February, an early spring in late March, we now get a cold snap in the beginning of April.

and I thought we'd escape the cold in Michigan with a weekend trip to my hometown of Elizabethton, Tennessee. When we got here there was snow on the ground.

Snow in Texas. Sleet in Louisiana. What's going on? What about global warming, Mr. Gore?


Paul Hue said...


This MIT climatologist, billed as having "always been funded exclusively by the U.S. government" never any "funding from any energy companies" says that global warming predicts *less* variability, not more, and that in any case there exists no reason he can find for panic, to think that humans have created a calamity, to think that warming will be bad, or to believe that humans can effect any substantial change on the earth's climate, either warming it or cooling it.

Nadir said...

Who is panicking? Just limit your personal greenhouse gas emissions and buy a car with better fuel economy. Oh, and limit your intake of beef.

That climatologist (and Paul Hue) probably didn't see An Inconvenient Truth or pass 7th grade science class.

sixstringslinger said...

The cracks are forming in the Global Warming monolith, which accounts for the increasing hysterics from it's purveyors. They're in panic mode. With every contrary scientist who comes out against this stupidity, and with every notable personality that speaks and questions it the more apocalyptic their predictions get. The lemmings who have bought into GW like a religion are now feeling forced to defend the theory at all costs. Now we even have diehard leftists starting to question GW theory.

Yep, the cracks are showing. But expect the hysteria to get worse before it gets better. This thing has taken on a life it's own. It's like a runaway train and runaway trains are awfully hard to stop.