Jena Six'er Denied Bail, Justice

This gets worse and worse. The day after the big protest, the bail hearing appeared, with a denial. Amazing. Maybe this would have taken the righteous turn had more white people taken a stand; and maybe more whites would have stood up in the absence of all the phony cries of racism (Duke, Imus). We'll never know. But we know for certain: white-on-black racism flourishes in and about Jena, LA; and no presidential candidate from either party gives a damn.

I hope that the ACLU now finally steps in, after carefully (I assume) monitoring this atrocious matter for months. And I hope that the arrested kids get a Duke rape-like civil damages award in the end.

And what now of those who refused to speak out for the Duke 3? Who refused to form an opinion, who were content to "let the legal system" work its course? What now, Nadir? What moral authority may you now join me in calling for federal intervention to seize these proceedings from the clearly racist white judges and prosecutors handling this case? Well, the loud support for INjustice of Jesse and Al vis a vis the Duke 3, and then their eventual loud quite hasn't stopped them from piping up here. But imagine how effective they might be today for the Jena Six had they joined with, instead of against, the Duke Three.


Paul Hue said...


These ignoramouses in Gina, LA displayed confederate flags.

Paul Hue said...


Another article on this disgusting development.