No Relation Between Nooses & White Boy Beat Down?

That's the conclusion of severely retarded Donald Washington, U.S. attorney for the Western District of Louisiana "who reviewed investigations into the incidents." OK, we have his name; let's target him to prove this to us, in the face of the facts, summarized here:

1. Black kids at Jena's only high school ask for, and receive, permission to sit under the whites-only tree.
2. Three do.
3. The next day: three nooses hang from the tree.
4. The white principal identifies three white boys, gets them to confess, and expels them.
5. The school board the same day overturns his decision and assign a three-day in-school suspension.
6. Black kids make a point of sitting under the whites-only tree every day.
7. White boys attack one of the black protesters as he attempts to attend a whites-only party, beating him with beer bottles. Police make no arrest, but eventually charge one of the attackers with simple battery (as a juvenile), and the guy gets probation.
8. The next day this beaten protester runs into one of his attackers, who now pulls a pistol on him. When he wrests-away the pistol, white cops arrive and arrest *HIM*... for stealing a gun.
9. This same beaten protester a few days later at school gets taunted by a proud friend of one of the noose-hangers. A few minutes later this white boy finds himself knocked out, the first white and only white person to pay any price in this Jena Six affair.

This article, of course, omits steps 6 & 7, and that the beaten white boy was a proud friend of the noose-hangers, but does address charges that he said something provocative just before getting decked, though without linking that alleged taunt to the black kid who had already been assaulted twice.

Somebody please explain to me how (9) above is "unrelated" to (1). As much as the Duke 3 case, this one cries out for national intervention; the local white folks have proven that they cannot and will not manage justice in Jena, LA. The cops, prosecutors, and judges here are even worse than those involved with the Duke affair, because here they are picking on people who lack the resources (at least until this point) to mount an effective defense. A teenager today is losing his youth to prison, a teen who at worst knocked out some dangerously racist cracker. And if you examine the conflicting facts attending to that seconds-long incident, you cannot even conclude he did that "beyond a reasonable doubt."

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