White Cops Abuse White Student at Kerry Speech

I agree that the cops abused this guy (and that the guy was disruptive to the event, and uncooperative with the cops who wanted to remove him so that the event could continue). But if this victim of police brutality had been black we would today have a much more huge protest, all insisting that this only happened because the guy was black, and that no white guy in a similar situation would get treated this way.

The only good thing I can say about cops in the US is that they are much less cruel and brutal than those in just about every other nation on earth (and any nation outside of functioning modern civilizations), and better today than in previous generations.


Nadir said...

There is a lot of outrage over this case, and it has nothing to do with race. This guy should have been allowed to speak his mind, and that's what people are upset about.

You're injecting mock outrage over the fact that people aren't pissed off enough for the wrong reasons. Your point is stupid.

Why aren't you pissed off that he got tasered for asking why the Bush hasn't been impeached? You should be pissed that he was tasered in the first place. Instead you race bait.


Paul Hue said...

I think that you miss my point. I do think that police abused this guy. I also think that the people who organized the event had every right to eject him when they did.

The story proves that white cops abuse white people. Thus when white cops abuse black people nobody can know automatically that racism explains the abuse. One of the cops here was black, by the way.

Nadir, do you have any doubt that if this guy was black, that many people would assign here a motive of racism?

Nadir said...

The legacy of racism in the United States is such that most any interaction between whites and any other ethnic group can be viewed from a racial viewpoint. You do it on 7 of 10 topics on your blog.

This doesn't mean that race is a factor in all interracial interactions, but the effects of racism in America cause people to think about it.

Had this guy been Black, race would have been listed as a factor. This is also why we haven't seen more aggressive attacks on Barack Obama. But if he wins the nomination, expect to see ads like the one that Republicans ran in Tennessee to defeat Harold Ford. (This is also why I believe Obama is a true longshot for the job.)

But just because we can look at a particular incident from a racial angle, pointing out why an event is racist or not often obscures the issue like in this case. It's irrelevant that the case would have garnered more attention if the victim were white. We should all be outraged no matter what his color.

Nadir said...

"It's irrelevant that the case would have garnered more attention if the victim were white."

Obviously I meant to say if the victim were Black. Maybe I'm more colorblind than I thought. Or just sleepy...