Large Schools a "Disaster"

Public school officials in England are finally realizing that not only does reducing class sizes help boost academic performance, so does (and perhaps more so) reducing school size. Here one admin labels large schools a "disaster". I find only the following advantages for having large schools:

1. A larger pool of recruits from which to draw interscholastic school teams.
2. More students available to divide into more "elective" courses, which almost always means courses of far less rigor and intellectual heft than the core basics of scholarship.
3. More power for school admins; many super-sized schools have "vice-principles" working under the principle, who also gets to boast of managing a vast corps of teachers.

Small schools undermine the quality of sports teams, the capacity to field multiple electives, and the bragging rights of admins who value quantity over quality. Meanwhile, small schools only assist principals content to boast of just a few teachers and students who produce high test scores.

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