More Jena Six info

This article provides new info that mostly tempers the racism charges, though it also omits many other claims which support the racism charges. Included in this new info:

1. The disputed high school shade tree was always used by both blacks and whites, according to a the two black teachers at the school. But if this is true, why did the black kid ask at an assembly if he could sit there? And why did the nooses get hung?

2. About the nooses: there were only two, not three. And both black and white kids were playing with them.

3. The noose-hangers got expelled for an entire month, confined to an off-campus facility.

4. The Jena Six guy in prison got reported to police by a black neighbor for scratching cars, breaking car windows, and graffiti. The neighbor complains now that police did not respond adequatly to this report (or was it reports?), "but as soon as he had a run-in with a white boy, they came down on him like a hammer."

5. The knocked-out white boy had a concussion.

Omissions in this article:

1. The two incidents wherein white segregationists jump on one of the Jena Sixers prior to the white boy knockout. These two incidents get alluded to, without any details.

2. The knocked-out white boy's relationship to the noose-hangers, and charges that prior to getting attacked he harassed the Jena Sixer who got jumped twice.

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