Tyrant to Speak at Columbia

FREE SPEECH ALERT! Here we go again. A university has invited as speaker a person that many people consider to be horrible. In this case, the medieval islamic theocrat, Iranian president with the impossible-to-pronounce name, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. As expected:

1. The people on campus who want him banned are the same people who had previously demanded "free speech" for the founder of the Minute Men, when student protests a while back killed that scheduled event.

2. The people on campus who demand "free speech" for Ahmadinejad are the same people who previously (and successfully) demanded a zipped lip for scheduled Minute Men founder.

Am I the USA's only advocate of free speech? Let both these guys speak. And don't interrupt them, even with long-winded diatribes during the Q and A. Just let 'em speak, ask some real questions, then decide for yourself. And remember: the guy speaking today that you detest makes it possible tomorrow for a speaker that others detest.

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Paul Hue said...


Well, the tyrant spoke at Columbia. On stage he got an earful of criticism and tough questions from the university president, and from students during Q&A. How is this wrong?