More Nooses in Jena

White boys from Jena, LA drove around dangling nooses from the backs of two pickup trucks, taunting home-bound participants in the first (of what I hope will be many) Jena Six rally which had occurred the day before. On this day-after the rally, justice had already received another setback when some obviously criminally racist cracker judge denied bail for the lone (so far) imprisoned Jena Sixer. The noose-dangling white boys pulled their stunt about 40 miles from Jena, in the larger town of Alexandria, which many protesters used as a bus depot and staging area. Local police apprehended one of the pickups, driven by an 18-year-0ld, with a 16-year-old passenger. Both were drunk, and the older boy got arrested for DWI, instigating a riot, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, with these charges expected to get upgraded to hate crimes.

One of the boys has a "KKK" tattoo and proclaims that his entire family belongs to that outfit. Let's hope that the white folks of Alexandria show the world something good: try the younger boy as an adult, deny them both bail, and charge them with attempted murder. I can only imagine the restraint showed by the presumably hundreds of protesters -- who had just learned that the judge had denied bail -- in not dragging these dangerous trachledytes of their trucks and stomping them; they're restraint represents one of what must be many more victories. Imagine how this would have turned out had some provided the reaction sought by the white racists. We need to get that boy out of prison, and protect the other five at all costs, even the cost of letting some nose-breathers escape a much-deserved beatdown. Instead, they are arrested, and provide our side some new ammo.

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