Gore Nobel Perplexes Czech Prez

It perplexes me, too, except when I realize what the Nobel Peace Prize now constitutes: leftist applause. It surely has nothing to do with the promotion of "peace", though I am unsure how it is that anybody can "promote peace" anyway. But surely hypocritically demanding the end of modern commerce doesn't count.

I agree with this guy:=========================

"The relationship between his activities and world peace is unclear and indistinct," the statement said. "It rather seems that Gore's doubting of basic cornerstones of the current civilization does not contribute to peace."

Klaus said in a recent speech that environmentalists' efforts to halt global warming "fatally endanger our freedom and prosperity." The Czech president publicly expresses doubt on what scientists, including those participating in the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, also this year's Nobel Peace Prize laureate, deem very likely - that global warming is caused by humans.

He also said that rising temperatures may not matter enough for governments to throw funds at halting the process. In a newspaper interview earlier this year, Klaus said that only Al Gore, and not a sane person, would say that mankind is ruining the planet.

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