High Schools w/ 1,000 Students... Eating on Floor

Why have 1,000 students in one school? Is there any what that this helps their education? All that travel time, the great distance away from home, with so many neighborhoods feeding the same school. Speaking of feeding, here's a school that in order to accomidate so many students, at lunch time some have to eat on the floor.

Only two reasons justify having high schools larger than elementary schools:

1. After learning basic reading, writing, and math in elementary school, now what to do with teenagers? Teaching them advanced writing, reading, and math would require educated and hard-working teachers. Lazy and uneducated teachers prefer teaching easy elective classes, like business and career awareness. You need lots of students to fill lots of stupid classes.

2. The more students, the better the sports teams! And the better you want those students to perform, the less time you need them working on advanced intellectual courses. Instead, fill their schedules with "electives".

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