Three Years Prison for Dog Toss

Those blaming racism for Michael Vick 2-year prison term must explain this this 3-year term for a guy (I assume he's white) who tossed a dog out a three-story window.


Nadir said...

Who is claiming racism for Vick's prison term?

Paul Hue said...

Sorry to say, but callers and hosts on Detroit's black radio 1200 AM are.

Paul Hue said...

They have been saying things like, "If Brett Favre killed dogs he wouldn't get arrested." They also take the angle that black athletes who have beaten black women, or who have been accused of murdering black men, get off, because the US criminal system values dogs more than black victims of violence.

I do think that there is piling on of Vick, with state officials now jumping in to charge him with the same crimes he went down for on the fedl level. I think that this is a case of celebrity (not race) working against a suspect; if no celebrity was involved, I assume that no serious prison time would get done here by anybody.

I am certain that GA and Fedl prosecutors would love to bring down Brett Favre or Tom Brady.