Protesting Nooses, Ignoring Murders

Stanley Crouch supports the rage against white folks hanging nooses in Jena, LA and the resulting criminal prosecutions only of black folks in the resulting conflicts. He wonders if this organized response to the Jena injustice will translate into (finally) an equally unified and loud response to the even greater problem of black monsters in black communities ruining life for everybody. We wonders as well about the lack of such a volunteer effort to teach the black kids who are goofing off during the school day.

Here he revisits the theme, comparing the rage by blacks at Columbia over a noose hung at a black prof's door, to the silence resulting from black thugs executing three black teens a few days later in nearby Newark.

In this column, Crouch reveals how Phily's Nation of Islam chapter fronted for a hard core black mafia family of cold-blooded killers, and how Heuy Newton -- so proudly cheered on the t-shirts of rigteous "community activists" -- took transformed Black Panthers into a street gang.

Bravo for Crouch's campaign to get people interested in addressing the "national issue of excessive urban murder."


Nadir said...

I once shared a conversation with Crouch on a plane ride from Nashville to New York. Interesting guy.

However, he is quite delusional sometimes.

The national issue of excessive urban murder is at least partially caused by the national issue of excessive urban poverty. Certainly this doesn't account for all urban crime, but it is a factor.

But why isn't Crouch as vocal about the US rape of Iraq or the gangsters in the White House? It's easy to pick on poor people. What is he doing to correct the problem? Is Crouch volunteering to found some freedom schools?

There are young leaders all over the nation. They are stepping up and founding programs and changing lives. Just because they don't make the "if it bleeds, it leads" world of American corporate media doesn't mean those leaders aren't out there.

But what is Crouch going to do about it besides talk?

Nadir said...

Blaming The Nation of Islam or Huey Newton for the gangsterism of some of their members is a distortion of facts, and is misguided. Neither organization was perfect, but we must remember that both groups actually pulled a great number of their members from a disenfranchised criminal element within the Black community.

The Nation of Islam has reformed more drug addicts and ex-convicts than the US criminal justice system ever did. Black Panther founders Newton and Bobby Seale had their own experiences with the law before founding the group. This doesn't detract from the good that they did.

Some of the failures of both organizations can be blamed on government infiltration. Some can be blamed on the street mentality of some individual members.

It's wrong to ignore the Panthers' Freedom Schools, free breakfast programs and self defense platform or the NOI's entrepreneurship or its schools or the good that they have done in the communities that they serve.

You shouldn't judge and organization or an ideal on the actions of a few individuals. Overall the Panthers and the NOI have been positive for Black folks.

I'll be sure to wear my Huey P. Newton t-shirt next time I come to your house, Paul.

Paul Hue said...

And I'll wear my Clarance Thomas T-shirt.

I don't refute most of your statements, such as understanding why many of the panthers ended up being gangsters.

But I am unsure of some of your claims. Of the many black criminals who have transmogrified into productive people, I suppose I could attribute none of the progress to the US legal system. However, I believe that the NOI has overall accounted for only a small fraction. Though I have no fact to support this claim about the NOI, I do know many people who transformed from criminals into real men, and few had NOI assistance.

The same for the Black Panthers and their lunch programs and schools. I am sure that the reputation of the BPs positively affected a large fraction of productive black folks, but the actuality of their good works probably affected very few. Of the hundreds (thousands?) of productive black folks known personally to me, I assume that 0% ever received free food or schooling from BPers.

I do not understand your point about unsung productive black folks who held address the problems manifesting as black-on-black crime. Crouch is claiming that if white folks stop displaying nooses, we are still left with thousands of annual black murders caused by blacks, as well as millions of blacks living in areas of marked by justified fear of bodily harm and property loss caused by the actions of black folks. Where, he asks, is the public unified war against that?

The Jena outrage didn't get left to unsung private black folks working quietly, so why is it that the daily murders and property crimes against blacks does? This is Crouch's question. He writes of his hope that the unified response against some racist crackers in rural LA will stay active now against the much greater enemy: retarded black folks killing, assaulting, and robbing other black folks.