Peace, US Support in Iraq's Sunni Anbar Province

The residents there first fled, then fought -- successfully -- the retarded Al Qaidas who made this hell on earth for two years, 2004 - 5. My friend Vassar working there for KBR / Haliburton credits the US Marines, who, he says, differ from US GIs in the following way: Marines preemptively kill anybody that they feel threatens them, whereas US Army troops won't even return fire without receiving radio permission from a central command.

From the London Telegraph article: =================

Mr Kareem and other Husaybah residents claim that the peace that followed the expulsion of al-Qa'eda has triggered an economic revival and restoration of favourite pastimes. Ghanim Mirdie Waleed, coach of the local football team, who celebrated a recent victory with cigarettes, paid tribute to the American role in Husaybah.

"The conflict here was all caused by al-Qa'eda," he said. "We work and play as we like under the coalition security. There are jobs for people, shops are opened and we are very happy."

With al-Qa'eda pushed out, Anbaris are even rallying to a new shared cause with America - a fight to secure the country against Iranian infiltration.

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