Racist Insurance Companies?

Insurance companies are responding to the Hurricane Katrina mess by canceling policies all over the country, including the policies of affluent white folks 12 miles from the coast, like this couple in Long Island. If this happens to any black folks, count on it getting declared, "Racist!"


Nadir said...


You should change the name of your blog from Reformed Leftist to "Paul Plays the Race Card". You're such a race baiter.

If any affluent Blacks who live 12 miles from the coast have their policies canceled, I'm sure it will not be called "racist".

Paul Hue said...

Or I could rename it, "Nadir only comments on the race-related posts."

If a mostly black area gets insurance cancellations, I still expect "community activists" to blame racism, as they do for high insurance rates in black areas plagued by massive rates of crime.