Bush, Clinton AG Firings Expose Curruption, Hypocracy

When Clinton's AG Janet Reno fired all 93 Fed Attorneys -- including some investigating political and personal friends -- the Repos swoll with outrage. Now that Bush's AG has fired 8 of these people, the Dems -- including Hillary -- are acting just as the Repos did before. Which is worse? They're all horrible. Many of us who voted for the Repos assumed that they would be *less* currupt than the Demos. We also assumed that they would be less prone to expanding govt power. Boy, where we wrong.


uptownseteve said...

It is standard practice that when a new Administrations comes aboard, particularly if they are from a different party, that they clean house and appoint their own US Attorney appointments.

It is NOT standard practice that an administration, 6 years into office, identifies and fires US Attorneys who do not pursue specific, politically motivated, investigations.

Or who investigate people the Administration wants to protect.

You know this already Hue.

Paul Hue said...

No, Steve, I do not "know this", and you don't know what I know.

What I do know is that when Clinton and his AG attempted to fire all the US Attorneys, the Repos instantly cried foul and the demos instantly defended the action. Now that Bush attempts to fire 9 or so, the same Repos (many, at least) are applauding, and all the same demos from before are crying foul.

I certainly do not know that what Clinton attempted was routine and precedented. Do you know that to be the case?

If Bush was firing these guys because they didn't provide political actions, then I oppose him. But if he fired them because *they* refused to prosecute demo corruption, then I support the firings.

Paul Hue said...


Were two of Clinton's fired prosecutors investigating *him* for corruption in AK?