Obama Over Hillary

This weekend I watched Obama's speech in Selma. I thought that it was excellent. I rate him as the best political speaker in national politics since... well, I can't remember anybody in modern times doing as good of a job. He comes across as very authentic and interesting. Of course I disagree with about 70% of his policies, but of what he discussed, I agreed with most of it. He comes across as a real person with an authentic voice.

I pride myself on not caring about such things in choosing my candidates. I leave it to the masses of people to select or reject their candidates based on such matters ("he's the kind of guy I'd like to have a beer with"; "I don't trust him because he sweats"). Myself, I would vote for the stiff-talking, phony-seeming Hillary if she support a low flat tax, privatized SS, overturn of the Homeland Security and Patriot Acts, etc. But if we're going to have as our next president an advocate of tax increases, "universal healthcare", etc., I would certainly prefer Obama's authentic-seeming persona than Hillary's apparent false one.

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