Donations Don't Solve Poverty

The world's third-richest man (behind Gates and Buffet), "Mexican telecom magnate Carlos Slim, poked gentle fun at the philanthropy of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, and said businessmen can do more good by building solid companies than by 'going around like Santa Claus' donating money."

Amen. Consider all the funds poured into any number of organizations, from African ministries to US govt schools. Yet monetary donations have helped, I think: consider the US-funded rebuildings of western Europe and Japan. So what's the answer?


uptownseteve said...

Yeah right.

Look at all those wonderful businesses Slim has created for the Mexican economy.


Paul Hue said...

Those jobs created by Slim are better than the alternatives... or else people would not work them. His jobs may be one reason that so many people from south of Mexico's boarder are swarming in (many illegally!).