Jihad waged through the court system

So in other words, don't you dare report suspicious behavior by a fellow passenger, or passengers the next time you fly, or you may just get dragged into a long and expensive lawsuit. This is extremely disturbing. We're having are own legal system used against us.

The real target of the 6 imams’ ‘discrimination’ suit

But the most alarming aspect of the imams’ suit is buried in paragraph 21 of their complaint. It describes “John Doe” defendants whose identity the imams’ attorneys are still investigating. It reads: “Defendants ‘John Does’ were passengers ... who contacted U.S. Airways to report the alleged ‘suspicious’ behavior of Plaintiffs’ performing their prayer at the airport terminal.”

Paragraph 22 adds: “Plaintiffs will seek leave to amend this Complaint to allege true names, capacities, and circumstances supporting [these defendants’] liability ... at such time as Plaintiffs ascertain the same.” In plain English, the imams plan to sue the “John Does,” too.

Who are these unnamed culprits? The complaint describes them as “an older couple who was sitting [near the imams] and purposely turn[ed] around to watch” as they prayed. “The gentleman (’John Doe’) in the couple ... picked up his cellular phone and made a phone call while watching the Plaintiffs pray,” then “moved to a corner” and “kept talking into his cellular phone.” In retribution for this action, the unnamed couple probably will be dragged into court soon and face the prospect of hiring a lawyer, enduring hostile questioning and paying huge legal bills. The same fate could await other as-yet-unnamed passengers on the US Airways flight who came forward as witnesses.

The imams’ attempt to bully ordinary passengers marks an alarming new front in the war on airline security.

Here’s the PDF document with the imams’ complaint against US Airways. Read it for yourself.

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Paul Hue said...

Agreed, Six, unless I can find any convincing explanation that it was the other passengers and the crew that behaved bizarrely, versus these characters who got yanked from the plane. I'm interested in any revelations showing that these muslims behaved reasonably, and their fellow passengers and the crew went nuts.