Irish Roots of Obama & Omowale

Genetic ancestral research traces the heritage of Barack Obama and Nadir Omowale each back to Ireland, where each has ancestors who were killed, raped, burgled, enslaved, kidnapped, and culturally suppressed (including having their native tongues and traditional religions stripped from them and foreign ones imposed on them) by various waves of invading conquerors. They also had ancestors who committed these unspeakable acts -- not only amongst their African ancestors, but their Irish as well. Obama had this to say: "I had thought that only my black African ancestors had suffered enslavement and oppression, and that only my white European ancestors had committed such acts. From now on when I speak against the evil of slavery I shall denounce not only my white ancestors but also my black ancestors, and when I speak of overcoming such oppression I shall speak not only of my black ancestors, but also my cracker ancestors." Omowale would comment only on speculation that one of his and one of Obama's white ancestors had engaged in Ireland's first openly gay relationship: "This could explain why my father went to see Riverdance twice."

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Nadir said...

How come no one wants Obama to be Black? Is there something wrong with being Black?