Poverty, Not Warming, the Real Global Crisis

Climate change is a norm, not an exception. It is both an opportunity and a challenge. The real crises for 4 billion people in the world remain poverty, dirty water and the lack of a modern energy supply. By contrast, global warming represents an ecochondria of the pampered rich.

Philip Stott is an Emeritus Professor from the University of London, UK. For the last 18 years he was the editor of the Journal of Biogeography.

The forces that have lifted millions of Chinese and Indians out of poverty are the same forces that Al Gore blames for cataclysmic global warming. Curbing those forces will surely exacerbate poverty, no?

In any case, I do certainly advocate smarter home and living design, which this controversy may sell to the general public. I predict that better design will help the world. For example, getting homes "off the grid", and watering our lawns from ground wells and fertilizing with compost (including our own effluent).

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