Taliban commander caught in Afghanistan...wearing a burqa

I've been theorizing for some time now that the burqa is not only an Islamic fashion statement and a way of repressing and de-humanizing Muslim women, but is also a convenient disguise that male islamic terrorist dirtbags employ to help aid them in escaping their enemies.

Well, with this story today I'm now absolutely convinced I was right.

This is just one of many such occurances in recent months (I'm sure it happens all the time). One of the London bombers used this tactic as well. A dead giveaway (no sick pun intended) is that he was over six feet tall. Too bad no one noticed at the time. Not that anyone would have had the nerve to do anything anyway. Who, especially in Britain, woud have the nerve to "insult" a Muslim "woman" by asking her to remove her body-stocking, and worse yet, remove it by force.

Politically correct multiculturalism is going to be the death of us all.

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Paul Hue said...

Burkas also provide a mechanism for self-hating women to express their self-loathing. I suppose it's better than tatoos and body piercing because it's not necessarily perminent.