Democrats, Unions Responsible For Walter Reed?

Here's an interesting take that I would like further explored: Are the horrors of Walter Reed Veterans Hospital merely one example of a rampant Washington, DC federal civil service mess created by Democrats? Is it true that all federal buildings are run by incompetent, lazy, and unfirable beneficiaries?


Paul Hue said...

Uptown Steve attempted to comment, using language that I ban from this site. My response:

1. I do not know if this claim is accurate, I am asking the question. The author of the article, Ann Coulter, believes that this is true: employees with their union contracts are responsible for the Walter Reed mess, which is non-unique among federal buildings in DC, she says. I do not know if this is true, but the claim is interesting, and I want to know the answer.

2. I do not know if these employees are mostly black; I do not know or make any assumptions about their racial composition. My and Ann's characterization of "lazy" workers in no way indicates black workers. Humans of all "races" are capable of laziness and demonstrate laziness.

uptownseteve said...

You could have deleted the one word which supposedly offended you.

It seems to me that if the conditions at Walter Reed was an indication of lazy non-fireable union workers in DC then AL of the federal buildings in DC would be in this condition.

Wouldn't it Paul?

Paul Hue said...

Yes, Steve: If Ann Coulter is correct, then the deplorable conditions at Walter Reed would match those of all DC fedl buildings subject to the same labor arrangements, as well as fedl buildings around the nation subject to these labor arrangements. Coulter says that the Walter Reed condition indeed describes other DC fedl facilities, including the White House press room.

Is she correct? I don't know, though I am interested in learning the answer. You live in the DC area; perhaps you have some factual insights.