Chavez, Socialism Beat Capitalism (in Rhetoric)

The image that socialists can create of their goal -- "heaven on earth", Hugo Chavez calls it here -- will always beat what free market capitalism delivers. But what capitalism delivers will always beat what socialism delivers. This article notes that Venezuela's increasingly socialist government is donating much more money than the US government to Bolivia; but this article fails to explain how it is that Venezuela obtained such a largess: from the purchases of people using cash obtained via capitalist enterprise. Nor does the article discuss how it is that any nation has ever elevated living standards and transformed from a society dominated by poverty to one dominated by self-sufficiency and affluence: not donations from others, but by achieving free market capitalism.

Dream, on, Hugo. Keep giving away the proceeds from your petro reserves; and keep on "nationalizing" your petro operations. The end game is very clear to me: hell on this earth, via a path paved by the most wonderful intentions and rhetoric.

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