Armed Victim Reduces Crime Pop By One

Not sure of my gun control position. Some stats I recall reading indicate that gun ownership reduces crime. Here a Detroit citizen kills an idiot who elected to forgo America's numerous and enviable opportunities and instead chose to rob people with a gun. Would these sorts of bad choices diminish significantly in Detroit if the righteous people there drastically increased their rates of gun ownership?

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Paul Hue said...


n 1970, Israel adopted a policy to arm teachers and parents serving as school aids with semi-automatic weapons. Attacks by gunmen at Israeli schools have ceased. At Appalachian Law School in Virginia, a gunman who had already murdered three people was stopped from further carnage by two armed students. Gun possession stopping crime is not atypical, though it goes unreported by the media. According to various research estimates, from 764,000 to as many as 2.5 million crimes are prevented by armed, law-abiding people either warning a criminal that they're armed, brandishing their weapon or shooting a criminal. In the interest of truth in packaging, I think we should rename "gun-free zones" to "defenseless zones."