Lebanese Govt Fights Islamic Terrorists

The Lebanese military is fighting now something similar to what Israeli's military fought last summer: tyrants who wish to impose religious superstitions on everyone around them. I hope that Israeli political and military leaders pay attention here, to learn what may work against these tyrants. What are the Lebanese doing the same and differently than the Israelis last year?

As with the Isrealis, the Lebanese here face Syrian cross-border support for these tyrants, and have in response imposed border shut-downs. I am curious to learn if the Lebanese army has employed tactics used last summer by the Isrealis, which the international press media, along with hysterical Islamic nuts, condemned; will they also condemn the Lebanese? I am also curious about what the Lebanese army has done differently than the Isrealis, and which of these tactics work and which fail. The Lebanese of course have ways to shut down its own Syrian borders unavailable to the Israelis, who employed bombers to destroy roads and the airport.

Could the Israelis last summer have worked out a cooperative effort with the Lebanese govt's forces?

Interesting outtake from the article: “We wish the government would destroy the whole camp and the rest of the camps,” said another in the crowd, Ahmad al-Marooq. “Nothing good comes out of the Palestinians.” Imagine if an Israeli Jew said this; apparently Lebanon has its own Palestinian refugee problem. "Lebanon’s 400,000 Palestinians remain among the most downtrodden refugees in the Arab world, enjoying few rights and facing strict restrictions on the kind of jobs they can take. Most are limited to menial, low-paying work and face significant prejudices." Might this be even worse than Gaza & the West Bank? Palestinians in Israel surely have full economic and political rights of a modern civilization.

Reminds me that the land of "Palestine", inherited by the British when they defeated the colonial non-democratic Turks, got segmented into several parts, with Israel emerging from one of those parts, and the other parts now belonging to Lebanon and Jordon.

The current internal Lebanese fight began in the northern seaside town of Tripoli. (I didn't know that Lebanon had its own town Tripoli, just like Libya. I wonder if the origins of each derive from the ancient Lebanese colonialists, the Phoenicians, who ruled over Libya.)

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