Charter School Disaster Recipe

This charter school in Detroit is getting praise, but I foresee disaster for it. I'm happy to learn that the rich white guy in Plymouth (fancy Detroit subburb) now gets to spend his $200 million building charter schools in Detroit. (Previously, Detroit's school board and mayor rejected his offer, which would have pulled more students from the normal public schools. In response, we learn here, state legislators implemented a law that disregarded that rejection.) I am sad to learn that this source of funding is getting spent on this school, University Preparatory Academy High School, which doesn't issue grades and calls its teachers "councilors". I notice that this article omits any standardized test results for this school, which I predict will be low. The school disdains "book learning" for "project based assignments." Nobody would accept such lack of rigor for a basketball team, and with good reason. Why with academics are so many of us susceptible to various easy way outs? The results are going to make charter schools look bad, I predict.

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