Sicko: Cuban Embargo, Moore Prosecution

I hate Castro and his govt as much as the next right wing jerk, but the US embargo has had enough time to prove its effectiveness, and it's failed. Meanwhile, US free trade with other commie tyrannies have worked in Vietnam, Russia, and China, as well as in many non-commie tyrannies, such as Taiwan and South Korea. Let's see what sort of chance freedom has in Cuba if it enters trade similar to that which the US has had with these other autocracies.

This weekend I watched a 3-hour History Channel documentary on Mao's Long March. It reminded me that the evil nit wit Chiang Kai-shek decamped to Taiwan, where under US partnership over the years has produced a prosperous and free nation.

This doesn't always work, of course. Just look at Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt, etc. But the US has tried for 40+ years a single Cuban policy, and we know it has failed. Let's try another one that has worked elsewhere before with a pretty good batting average. I sympathize with the Miami ex-pats who believe that Castro betrayed them, that they helped him win (they did all the dirty work in Havana, and handed it over to Castro, whose men fired nary a shot there) only with the understanding that he would replace the Batista tyranny with a democracy, and that he instead simply brought in an even worse tyranny. I get that. But we have to let that go and move on to the situation that has a better chance of producing freedom. We can never achieve "cosmic justice", a fact that lefties reject in too many cases, but righties have their problems with this as well.

A reformed Cuban policy would also include leaving alone Michael Moore, who may have produced an unfair agitprop boosting Cuba's healthcare system. Let's let the facts win that battle, not US fed agents, whose efforts against Moore will surely produce no effect other than to boost his esteem. Only people organized into a government agency could concoct as stupid an effort as to waste our tax funds investigating and prosecuting Michael Moore for this; can it produce anything but extra box office proceeds and international celebration for Moore? Yet another woe for us libertarians who foolishly voted for Bush expecting a smaller government.

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