Best Gay Military Position: Inclusion!

Nadir's dad and I share one favorite gay military position (actually it's my only gay military position): abolish any mention of it from the military code, except to ban any discrimination based on it. This is a family blog, so we can't print any of Nadir's dad's other favorite military positions, but I can report that in netflix he gave 4 stars to, "Mission Position Impossible," which rules out one (incidentally, the first time Nadir's mom went to church in years was in response to a sign declaring, "Apply Inside for a Missionary Position!").

This article explores Britain's gay military position, which is the one that Nadir's dad and I favor: surprise, it has caused no problems. Another area where we libertarians must hold our noses when we vote for Repos.


Nadir said...

If your jokes about my Dad were actually funny, I might respond, but you embarass yourself with your own lack of humor. No comeback necessary.

But I agree. If you're stuck fighting an illegal war, and you're having trouble getting soldiers, why keep throwing out qualified soldiers because of their sexual preferences?

Check out this story: The US military fired 58 Arabic linguists because they were gay, but they can't find enough qualified Arabic linguists. Another example of how prejudice causes people to make stupid decisions.

Paul Hue said...

I suppose that this is what we libertarians get when we hold our noses and vote for a "Christian conservative".

I pity you if you find no humor in "Mission Position Impossible."