Honkies Behaving Badly: My Space Party Crashes

Here's a trend involving young white folks behaving like animals: a teen party intended for a couple of dozen gets posted on My Space, hundreds crash it, and the crashers graffiti the house, urinate and vomit all over it, and intentionally destroy all sorts of property inside and out, inflicting tens of thousands of dollars in damages. File this will responding to sporting event wins or loses inspiring nihilistic riots. No wonder the Asians are kicking white folks' butts on the SAT.


uptownseteve said...

You are obsessed with this notion of "group behavior".

It's ridiculous and racist Hue.

I've seen and known violent destructive white people all my life.

I've also seen and known gentle, passive soft spoken blacks who you'd never even hear use a swear word.

Hue, there are violent Asian gangs terrorizing Northern Virginia currently.

And there is the Asian kid who shot up the Virginia Tech campus.

Of course you'll say that this was an aberration, but had the shooter been black it would have been an indictment of both his race and "culture".

You are also obsessed with SAT scores.

White people still EARN more than identically qualified Asians

Paul Hue said...

But I'm not claiming here that honkies are evil, only that like very body else, some of them behave like beasts.