More Global Warming Skepticism

Reid Bryson was a pioneer of Meteorology, earning the 30th phd in the field when it was brand new. During WWII he predicted the existence of the gulf streams, which B52 bombers confirmed. He was also the first to predict that human activity can affect climate. But he says that today's global warming does not derive from human activity.

Here's an article about some other scientists who conclude that independent of human activity, global temperatures have always seesawed, and that this explains today's observations.

And here a University of Alaska environmental prof joins the skeptic ranks.

Still more contradictions for the hysterical view, from the man who discovered the greenhouse effect at the turn of the last century, in a paper that described how "global warming" had already begun, that indeed human activity contributed to it, and that it would make the world a more inhabitable place. For one thing, he said, people in Greenland would perhaps regain their ability to cultivate the land there, something they had done prior to a period of global cooling.

Here we have April 2007's ave temp actually cooler than the 20th century ave. That doesn't disprove global warming, or a human cause of it, but it does make you wonder why the hysterics are 100% convinced.

Here's a list of more scientists joining the skeptic camp, including former advocates of catastrophic man-made global warming.

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I'm not at all sure about the accepted stance on Global Warming either ... the forests of Britain were TOTALLY chopped down by our ancestors who needed firewood. THAT must have made a hell of a lot of smoke. Did THAT not damage the atmosphere? Oh I don't know! I found your site quite by chance - via "next blog" facility. I do one too, it's at gledwood2.blogspot.com and you're welcome to drop by and see what it's all about. I'll see you there maybe; all the best to you ...

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